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Capital Cashmere

Luxurious Cashmere garments and accessories crafted by Scottish and Mongolian manufacturers.

Mens 1/2 Zip Turtle Neck

Cashmere Full Finger Gloves

Cashmere Womens Poncho

Alan & Cassie

Alan & Cassie

We are a country couple living in rural Shropshire with a flair for sourcing luxurious cashmere garments at affordable prices.

We cover most areas of the country, attending County Shows, Game fairs and High Class Horse Events during the spring and summer months. In the Autumn and Winter we hire town and village halls where we set up pop up shops for 1 to 4 days.

Take a look at our Events calendar, you are always welcome to visit us! We're pretty sure you will find something wonderful with your name on it!!

We look forward to meeting you sometime soon.

Our very best wishes

Alan and Cassie

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Pop up Shop

This is one of Capital Cashmere's Pop Up Shops which we hire for each event. The shops are managed and run under the strict guidelines from the Government for Covid 19.

We like to use our own pictures and not hire models, as we believe this gives our customers a real feel of who we are. Our models are family members and friends so during the very strange times we are living in, they give their time freely to help us build our E-shop for everyone to enjoy.

Cashmere is a rare and precious fibre with extraordinary traits, which is obtained exclusively from the fleece of the Hircus goat, native to the mountainous regions of Asia and now present mainly in Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan.

In order for the Hircus goat to survive in a hostile environment, with bitterly cold winters and torrid summers, it developed beneath its coarser outer coat an underfleece called "down", which we know as Cashmere. This incredibly light, soft and fine fiber that measures around 14-15 microns (thousandths of a millimetre) has an extremely elevated capability of maintaining thermal insulation against both cold and hot climates. This in turn makes Cashmere a precious fibre due to the small quantity of down the goat produces each year, which is approximately 150-200 grams

Cashmere Goats